2016-10-05 11:27:23 by DJKU

Scouted (Again)

I can't upload audio though ;3;

i'm sorry

2016-09-19 11:07:05 by DJKU

I can't post music for a month, and i can't scout anymore. thanks BrokenDeck, for banning me for nothing. Untill i'm UNBANNED, TomZeo will be uploading my music. Thanks, N7C.



2016-09-16 11:14:41 by DJKU

I'm uploading 4 remakes: Fuego96 - Temple Street {DJKU} Remake, and 3 Electroconductor remakes; Walker, Orbit, & Escape :p

Audio Cleanup

2016-09-03 08:15:55 by DJKU

im a member of the audio cleanup now.

Woot woot



2016-07-25 11:14:48 by DJKU

I am DJKU, DJT's new account. I will post randomly, so i hope you enjoy. I will use https://soundation.com for my songs.